About Us

ConsulAgr, Inc was founded in 1965 as El-Vi Farms Consulting as a result of dairy nutrition issues. Jim Peck started providing consulting services to farm clients on soil fertility issues and dairy nutrition. In 1976, the company changed its name to ConsulAgr, Inc. and added another consultant. Ann joined the practice in 1977. Currently, the business consists of Jim and Ann Peck, Consultants; Kelly Wilcox, Field Specialist; and Tracy Bieber, Administrative Assistant.

Jim and Ann Peck, Accredited Agricultural Consultants (AAC) own ConsulAgr, Inc. Jim, also, is certified as a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) and a Professional Animal Scientist (PAS).

Early on El-Vi Farms Consulting made the decision to work with Brookside Laboratories Inc. Brookside was founded in 1951 to provide laboratory services for professional agricultural consultants in soils, feeds, and environmental areas. It is a premier agricultural analytical laboratory. Today Brookside is an international leader in agricultural chemistry for professional consultants. ConsulAgr uses the services of Brookside to provide its clients with the very best analytical services.

ConsulAgr consults on 50,000 acres with approximately 125 clients. Services provided to clients include:

  • Consulting and analytical services in soil fertility, crop production, animal nutrition and agricultural environmental issues to prepare whole farm fertility plans.
  • Consulting in the area of farm and business management, farm business structure, and financial management.
  • Development and presentation of educational programs and seminars in areas of agricultural technology and business management to farmers and agricultural businesses.
  • Fully certified to prepare Agricultural Waste Management Plans (AWMP) for Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) to the specifications of the New York SPDES general permit.
  • Special projects management and alternative fuel projects. Provide leadership and administrative services to agriculturally oriented projects.

Mission Statement

ConsulAgr’s mission is to provide clients professionally prepared and innovative technical and management support and consulting for their needs, and to conduct the practice in a professional, business like, and profitable manner.


  • Determine the facts through on-site observations, interviews, and research.
  • Evaluate all the facts and past experiences to determine possible alternatives.  Then evaluate those alternatives while being aware of changing conditions.
  • Prepare specific plans to implement programs using factual information to meet specific goals.
  • Evaluate and explain alternative programs and their consequences to the client to provide additional choices.
  • Render an independent and objective opinion.  In questions where conflicts may occur, full disclosure of all involvement shall be made.
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