Agronomic Management Program

ConsulAgr offers a range of comprehensive consulting to provide a producer with a choice of services to meet his needs for information, technology, support, and service. Programs that cover soil fertility crop planning decisions, farm supply procurement, manure management, and environmental impacts are offered.

Services offered:

  • Soil Sampling
  • Manure utilization recommendations
  • Farm Maps
  • Crop monitoring
  • Analytical laboratory services
  • Pest scouting
  • Fertilizer recommendations
  • Farm scout training
  • Lime recommendations
  • Systemized-cropping program

ConsulAgr utilizes the services of Brookside Laboratories to provide the basis of the soil fertility programs. Brookside is a national leader in soil chemistry providing soil analysis not only across the North American continent, but also in several foreign countries. Brookside’s services are available only through qualified and trained independent agronomic consultants. The experience base achieved by an internationally experienced laboratory is valuable when working with the diverse farming common in the Northeast.

Soil fertility programs are based on each farm’s unique set of characteristics and management needs. Usually the farm’s practices and suppliers are maintained, but the rates and materials may be adjusted to fine-tune the crop program. When major changes are necessary, several options are usually offered. The programs are based on the entire acreage so to take advantage of savings on one crop or field to be able to better fertilize or manage another field or crop. Longer-term fertility issues are handled on an ongoing basis to avoid large cash expenditures in a single year. Many farmers find the savings in fertilizer cost and the long term increases in productivity more than pay for the cost of the services.

ConsulAgr provides the trained staff to sample the fields and handle the samples. This assures that the sampling will be done and the handling of the soil samples between the field and the laboratory is done correctly.

ConsulAgr also develops the farm maps that are so important in the agronomic programs. Our maps are usually based on the most current aerial photographs available, and converted to a digital format where they can be edited and adapted to be as user friendly as possible. Time proven technology is the basis of our mapping work.

Customized consulting and scouting services can be provided to meet individual needs. In many cases real time scouting is best done by people on the farm. We can provide training and backup for farm-based scouting and crop monitoring. We can provide critical time scouting and monitoring for special circumstances.

Our specialty is developing proactive programs of crop production and management that minimizes crop input expenses and maximizes returns through active management and good information.

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