Farm Management

Throughout the evolution of agriculture the ultimate factor determining the survival of the farm business was management.  Although conditions and farming has changed, how the farm is managed today is still the ultimate determination of the farm’s durability and sustainability.

A major focus of the consulting that ConsulAgr has provided over the past 35 years has been the understanding and application of farm management principles.  Whether it has been soil fertility programs, nutrition programs, livestock programs, or expansion studies, how it is to be managed has always been a focus of what we have done.

In the more traditional farm management arena we have ongoing farm business analysis, enterprise analysis, feasibility studies and farm planning for all kinds of Northeast agricultural interest.  We have provided services to farms under economic and management stress and to farms that were pushing the limits of success through growth and expansion.

Change is an integral part of farming businesses.  Dealing with change and making decisions are not always an easy matter for farmers and the farm family.  Today’s decisions involve higher and higher stakes in terms of dollars and risk.  Success is sometimes seen as major stride, but usually it comes in small steps.  Unsuccessful actions result in continued set backs and ultimately some degree of failure.

ConsulAgr can provide the farm family or business support in ongoing business operations through regular visits or contacts to review ongoing operations and financial records.  With an ongoing relationship we can understand the farm’s longer range visions and needs, help to see trends, measure small success or setbacks, and to develop actions to make adjustments to keep the farm on course.  The use of benchmarks developed by other financial advisors and academic institutions can be used to monitor the farms operations.  Many times farm originated benchmarks that are reality based can be the most important benchmarks or targets.

ConsulAgr provides special project services such as expansion feasibility studies, farm business projections, economic impact analysis, and plans involving business organization and structure.

ConsulAgr personnel are experienced in matters of forensic consulting, economic loss analysis, matters involving bankruptcy and litigation support.

Jim and Ann Peck are members of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraises and hold the designation of Accredited Agricultural Consultant.  They fully subscribe to the Society’s code of ethics and standards.

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